1986 – Erinnerung an ein Traumgesicht A01

1986 Dream Face 1 A
1986 Dream Face 1 B
1986 Dream Face 1 C
1986 Dream Face 2 A
1986 Dream Face 2 B
1986 Dream Face 2 C
1986 Dream Face 3 A
1986 Dream Face 3 B
1986 Dream Face 3 C

Triptychon A:
Dream Face A 1
Dream Face A 2
Dream Face A 3

Triptychon B:
Dream Face B 1
Dream Face B 2
Dream Face B 3

Triptychon C:
Dream Face C 1
Dream Face C 2
Dream Face C 3

Technique: Xylography. Sequence of 21 variations from one Lost-Plate
Size: woodblock 42 x 31 cm
Year: 1986

Since I was 10, it happened again and again that I was dreaming repetitively of a strange, oscillating face. Whenever I tried to see it clearer, the face would withdraw and disappear.
When in I was 50 and the dream reappeared, I decided to try to capture this vague, translucent, forever changing image. I thought I might get closest by applying xylography from the lost plate. All the images come from one woodblock, which I continually scratched with a veneer-saw, printing layer on layer in a rather intuitive manner. 1986, when I had stopped to work the cycle (it could have gone on and on), I felt calm and fine. A slight resemblance of the dream and its unknown dimensions was transformed into a physical matter.