Eva Choung-Fux

1935 born in Vienna / Austria
1962. Graduation with at the Academy for Applied Arts in Vienna (Prof. F. Herbert und Prof. E. Bäumer).
1958 – 1960 and 1962 – 1968 (with Family and two children) free-lance artist in Japan and Korea

Teaching Assignments, Jury Positions, Affiliations (extract)

1968 –1993. Austria University for Applied Arts in Vienna (photography and print graphic)
1970 –1998. Assignments: CHINA, FINLAND, GERMANY, KOREA, SPAIN, and USA
1970 –1992. GBK Artists Association (Künstlerhaus Vienna), board member and curator
1970 – Member GBK Artists Association (Künstlerhaus Vienna)
1972 –1993. President of XYLON Austria (international wood-cut association)
1972 –2003. Member of the international jury at Art Triennial Majdanek, Poland
1999 – Member of the Asociación de Artistas Visuales, AAVIBM Mallorca/Spain

From 1972 Participation and distinctions at International Graphic- Biennials, Triennials and International group exhibitions (extract):
AUSTRIA/Vienna; CHINA/Beijing, Tienjin-Teda Sculpture Park; Olympic Park; BIAB I, II, III, V; GERMANY/Berlin: Spandau; Schwetzingen.
JAPAN: Tokyo, Kochi, Sapporo.
KOREA: Seoul;
POLAND: Cracow, Lodz, Majdanek, Poznan, Rzeszow, Warsaw;
SPAIN/Majorca: Alaró, Campos, Inca, Sòller.
SWITZERLAND: Fribourg, Winterthur, St.Gallen.

SOLO-EXHIBITIONS (extract without date)

From 1958 graphic, print-graphic, photography, painting, object art.
AUSTRIA/Vienna: Ludwig – Modern Art Museum, PSK Gallery, Bawag Fundation, GBK Künstlerhaus, Artefakt; Salzburg Gallery Altnöder.
CHINA/Shanghai: Library Art-Hall, Beijing: Gallery University Applied Arts.
CROATIA/Modern Art Museums in: Dubrovnik Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Zagreb.
FINLAND/Helsinki: University Applied Arts Gallery.
GERMANY/München: Kunsthaus Deggendorf; Dresden: Gallery Alaunplatz; Moritzburg: Art Gallery. HOLLAND: Overloon: War- and Resistance-Museum.
HUNGARY/Györ: Synagogue.
JAPAN/Tokyo: Aoki-Gallery, Kyoto: Heian-Gallery, Osaka: Suzuki Art Salon.
KOREA/Seoul: Myongundong Art Gallery.
POLAND: Warsaw: Zacheta Gallery, Rzeszow: Holocaust Gallery, Poznan: City Gallery, Majdanek: Panstwowe Muzeum Na Majdanku, Lodz: Miejska Galeria Sztuki.
SLOVAKIA/Banska Bystrica: State Museum; Bratislava: Art Forum.
SPAIN/Majorca/Palma: Es Baluard-Museum, Galería Ferrocarril; Soller: Museum Can Prunera; Campos: Pere Ignasi, Alina Gallería; Colonia San Jordi: Galería Matisos; Santanyi: Centro Cultural.
SWEDEN/Uppsala: City Art Hall, Kalmar: Ulfsborg-Gallery, Stockholm: Grev-Gallery.
USA/WI: Ripon Lane- Gallery, Caestecker Foundation; Los Angeles: Wiesenthal Foundation.

WORKS IN PUBLIC COLLECTIONS (extract without date)

ALEMANIA/ Berlin: Sammlung Preußischer Kulturbesitz; Düsseldorf: Paper Museum, Cologne Ludwig Collection.
AUSTRIA/Vienna: Collections: Art Collection, Artothek-Federal Collection, Museum of Modern Art, Postal Saving Bank, BAWAG Foundation, Ludwig Collection Vienna, University of Applied Arts; CHINA/Beijing: Collections: NAMOC China National Art Museum, University for Applied Art, International Biennale BIAB, City of Beijing Sculpture; TianJin-Teda National Collection for Contemporary Sculpture; Shanghai Library.
FINLAND/Helsinki: University for Applied Arts. HUNGARY/Györ: Municipal Art Museum. JAPAN/Tokyo: TOM Museum for the Blind; Kochi Paper Museum.
POLAND/Warsaw: Zacheta; Majdanek State Museum; Lodz Municipal Art Collection.
SPAIN /Majorca/Palma: Collección-Serra, Foundation Pilar i Joan Mirò, Es Baluard-Museum, Foundation Tren Del Art; Soller: Museum Can Prunera; UIB Coll. Valencia: University Coll.
USA/WI: Ripon Lane- Gallery, Caestecker Foundation; Los Angeles: Wiesenthal Foundation.


AUSTRIA: Fux -, Marschner-, Nakajima-, Puchinger-, Röschl-, Stasny-, Zeiller Collection.
CHINA: Miao Hong Bin; Wei Xiao Ming Collection;
GERMANY: Ronte Collection; JAPAN: Matsuyama-, Ninagawa-, Nomura-, Yokozawa Collection; POLAND: Pisarek-, Gryn-, Borkowski-Collection;
SPAIN/Mallorca: Alina-, Nigorra-, Panades-, Sastre Collections;
SWITZERLAND: Erker Collection;
USA: Kain Collection.


AUSTRIA/Vienna: 3 wood relief murals, 5 photographic murals. CHINA/Beijing: Olympic Park: Metal sculpture; TianJin-Teda: Stone sculpture.
GERMANY/Dortmund: public building: 70 work-graphic- cycle;
JAPAN/Tokyo: Stone mural.
SPAIN/Majorca/Campos/Oratorio St. Blai: Stained glass-inner portal, tabernacle and candelabrum.


AUSTRIA: Book : Sculptors book St. Margarethen, Gehen von Stein zu Stein. Catalogue-books: Schmerz-Los, Survivors on Life 1945 1995 (+ DVD Version, 11 languages). Stratifications, 27 Objects;
CHINA: Chinese edition Survivors on Life 1945 1995 (+ DVD Version in 11 languages).
POLAND: Polish edition Survivors on Life 1945 1995 (+ DVD Version in 11 languages), Zacheta Uwarstwiena, Lodz Dedykacje.
SPAIN/Mallorca: Homenaje M. Hernandez, A.Machado: Stratificaciones de Textos; Tres Artistas rinden homenage a Blai Bonet; Nou Cicles; Hermanas- Sisters; In Memoriam: Homenaje Blai Bonet.

Catalogue texts for Biennials and Triennials; texts for artist-friends.

2009 Exhibitions:
MALAYSIA/Penang: International Group Exhibition. Angels don’t need Wings
JAPAN/Tokyo/GemArt Gallery/solo-exhibition: Homage Taneda Santoka
USA/WI/Ripon College of Art Lane Gallery/solo-exhibition, lectures, seminars: Engagements
SPAIN/Mallorca/Campos/Studio exhibition: Ses-Tanques-square-meters
SPAIN/Majorca/Inca/IncArt Group Exhibition: object: Introspection No I
SPAIN/Majorca/Alaró/ArtAlaro Group Exhibition: oils and photographic cycle: Heaven and Hell

2010 Exhibitions:
SPAIN/Majorca/Soller/solo exhibition Museum Can Prunera: Hermanas Sisters
BULGARIA/Sofia/Lessedra International Miniprint: Heaven
LEBANON/Beirut CMC Hospital, international participation: Landscape
BOSNIA and Herzegovina/Sarajevo: international OFAA group: Two Letters to Veiled Sisters
CROATIA/Osijek: intern. OFAA group: Two Letters to Veiled Sisters

2010 Cycles realized
Homage to Blai Bonet, 6 oil paintings: El Poder i la Verdor
Photo assemblage: My American Picture Book
Photo assemblage: Winter Journey to Poland

2011 Exhibitions:
GERMANY/Dortmund/solo: 70 woodcuts: Wide Landscape in the Change of Time
JAPAN/Kochi/International Triennial: Woodcut-triptych: In Memoriam 11-03-11
POLAND/Przemysl/Galerie Wspolczesnej/Group Pisarek: Rozne Stani Nie Pamieci
SPAIN/Majorca/Palma/solidarity group exhibition: Salvem Japò

2012 Exhibitions:
CHINA/Beijing/International Art Biennial, BIAB V: Homage St. Francis from Asis: Unity
POLAND/Krakow/ International Print Biennial: Africa-Triptych
LEBANON/Beirut: International Flag Exhibition public space Union Jack
ENGLAND/London: Olympic Flag exhibition public space
BULGARIA/Sofia/Lessedra: International Miniprint: Drowning Memories
SPANIEN/Mallorca/Campos/ArtNit: Mirror, mirror on the wall, S’Avall Pair. Day- and Night-Poems

2013 Exhibitions
AUSTRIA/Vienna: MAG 3, International Mailing Art: TheRED: Three from Seventy
BULGARIA/Lessedra: International Miniprint: Who will open the Knots
SPAIN/Mallorca/Palma: In Memoriam. Homage Blai Bonet
SPAIN/Mallorca/Inca: IncArt: Donation-plates: Amigo y Amiga
CROATIA: The Spiral Channel Project: Invocation
CROATIA/Fotosofia VIII/Lecture: Do my eyes catch the image or does the image catch my eyes

2013 Cycles in progress
SPAIN/Mallorca: 6 oils, working-title: Junipero Serra and 54 Indian-Tribes of California
SPAIN/Mallorca: 6 objects, working-title: Junipero Serra and 54 Indian-Tribes of California
SPAIN/Mallorca: Photography “Reality I”

2015 Exhibition Project
SPAIN/POLAND/AUSTRIA/International travel exhibition: After the End of the World

The artist works in her graphic art, paintings, sculpture in slow motion and abstract notations.
In photography she arrests in a seconds fraction reality as metaphor of itself.
Her work is connected internationally with the contemporary art of composers and poets.
Her art forms part of our centuries protest, agony, defence, desire and hope.

Eva Choung-Fux works at the time being in Spain/Majorca/Campos, in the studio Ses Tanques.