2005 – Homage to Ramon Llull – Heaven and Hell

Homage to Ramon Llull – Heaven and Hell

Technique: Single prints in a cycle of 22, oils on Japanese paper
Size: 20.5 x 14 cm, 8 printing blocks and 49 floating elements
Year: 2005

The collection of poems “Proverbios” by Ramon Llull (Majorca 1232 – 1316) inspired me to create this cycle of single works on paper. To me it seems as if the poet Ramon Llull contributed to the Christian philosopher, theologian and logician Ramon Llull in the task of finding a possible sense in the conciliation of the relationship between Heaven and Hell. I decided to include different lino cuts as background, in the form of mirrored mountain shapes. To combine them loosely, I introduced the gestures drawn by nature with dried seaside lily-leaves. I took the palette of colours from the soil, vegetation, sea, skies and clouds of Majorca.